You're a Copywriter? Cool!. . . What Exactly Is That?

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My childhood life goal was to be another Nancy Drew, sleuthing for answers, helping people who needed it, and finding a choice "C" when the only options given were "Terrible A" and "Not-So-Great B."

Some people may have thought that was unrealistic. But I beg to differ. 

As a Copywriter and Social Media Marketer, that's exactly what I do! I hunt for the answer of what distinguishes each company's story as unique and search for the most effective way to portray this quality to their customers, both current and potential. When company owners don't have the time or necessary skill set to tell their story in a compelling way across important platforms such as blogs, social media, etc., I am able to help them. And when obstacles such as creative strategy, SEO problems, etc., threaten to block their progress, I am able to identify the not-so-obvious answer C that can solve their problem beautifully and ethically. 

How, you ask? It's simple: by loving words. I love their sound when you put them together just right, their incredible power when you use them to their fullest potential, and their ability to go straight to a person's heart.

This love fuels my writing. Whether it's a headline for a client, blog post for my company, freelance article for a magazine, or a short story for the sheer fun of it, the writing thrills me. I write and re-write until the skies of my mind open and the deluge of ideas becomes words that drip from my fingers effortlessly. I write until every drop has been penned.

Creatively writing - whether for a business, publication, or a letter to a friend- is my passion. And my goal is this: to give my words wings that will carry them straight to my reader's heart.

So there you have it. Dreams can come true. And if you need help sharing your dream with the rest of the world, find someone who has fallen in love with words. Because that person won’t put her pen down until she discovers the most powerful and captivating voice for your dream that words will possibly allow.

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