Jessica Swanda

Freelance writer | Content strategist | Branding consultant

A Kurt Vonnegut Approach to Copywriting

Just like good ole Kurt, I fiercely believe in:

  • writing for brands whose product/service excites me and lives up to the hype 
  • keeping language simple and clear
  • staying true to my own values and standards in my work
  • making the reader the #1 focus in my writing

I'm a big-picture-focused copywriter with a holistic marketing approach to both copywriting and content marketing. My biggest goal is to make sure the heart of your brand is transparent in everything you do.

My personal specialty is my commitment to writing in each client's own voice. Every brand and every business owner has an unique style and mission that is reflected in their "voice" - the way they express themselves. It's easy to speak in your own voice when you're actually talking but not as easy when you're writing. The secret sauce in my copywriting is my attention to your heart and voice and my ability to translate that into your branding and marketing. Then your content won't sound like every other organizations in your field's. It will sound like YOU.

While I'm experienced in many industries (and always happy to learn new ones!) I'm currently in love with non-profits, mission/faith-based organizations, and service  businesses. Spunky, lighthearted, and delightfully creative brands are my jam.

Ready to ditch your non-converting copy? If you're looking for a branding & copywriting partner who considers the complete marketing picture - send me a message.

Talk to you soon!

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein