Jessica Swanda

Freelance copywriter | Content strategist | Blogger 

A Lover of Words

Life without words would be incredibly hard. They make the world go round.  That's why people like me dedicate their lives to them. A copywriter becomes a wordsmith, so not everyone has to.  I absolutely love using my passion for writing to help other people further the work they're passionate about.

I'd explain my work experience, but my portfolio says it better than I could (and that's not something you'll hear a writer say very often!). So take a look around. 

 When not writing, I enjoy visiting new bookstores and coffeeshops, reading fiction, and exploring the many sights of the West Coast with my new husband. 

I will write until not a single word remains in my soul. . . 
Until every story in my heart has been told. . . 
Until my mind's well of ideas is bone dry. . . 
And even then I will write on, 
Because writing is not just something I do but part of who I am.

Kathy R. Jeffords