Social Media Stats

About Users:

  • Just over 3 billion people in the world are now using social media, and the average American spends just over two hours per day on it.
  • 59% of Americans believe that customer service through social media has made it easier to get their questions answered and issues resolved.
  • 86% of consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks.

About Brands: 

  • 90% of brands use social media for brand awareness, but nearly two-thirds of brand don't measure social media ROI.
  • Executives' social content engagement outperforms their companies' content engagement by over 320%.
  • Only 39% of CEOs have a social media presence.

Experienced in social media strategy within the following industries:

  • Food/Drink 
  • Non-Profit      
  • PR/Marketing     
  • Natural Health
  • Dentistry/Orthodontics
  • Home Security
  • Small Business
  • Personal Brands

* I'm always willing to explore new industries.

Experienced in the following platforms:

  • Facebook     
  • Twitter     
  • LinkedIn    
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

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